Collaboration Principles


Criteria and principles for collaboration

As an independent, neutral, non-partisan non-profit, we are always open to co-bidding and collaborating on projects. We assess each programme on its specific merits.

Our criteria for co-bidding and/or collaboration include, but are not limited to:

  1. Market-wide impact
    Activities must improve the discovery, access and usage of data at market scale. We do not bid on projects that favour only a single commercial company, technology or narrow use-case.
  2. Delivering a Net Zero Future
    Collaborations must address our net zero impact: our mission is to make data work harder to deliver net zero. This includes resilience, adaptation and mitigation across the real economy (energy, water, transport, agriculture, built world) as well as across the financial economy.
  3. Delivering open net zero solutions
    Our impact is to accelerate commercial success while balancing the public good. We help commercial organisations develop solutions that deliver commercial benefits within an open marketplace. Icebreaker One solutions are designed to support the whole market and are, wherever possible and appropriate, openly licensed and aligned with the Icebreaker Principles.

Please also note our approach to copyright and intellectual property.

We can also provide letters for support to your bids if they are aligned with the Icebreaker Principles and our mission. You can also join us today as a Member, Sponsor or even as an individual Supporter.

Get in touch

If you are interested in co-bidding, please get in touch with us at

For example, in the development of Open Energy, we (as lead) won a seven-figure UK national competition and delivered it in collaboration with industry and government. This involved creating Steering and Advisory Groups that represented the needs of the market, as well as research and technical partners involved in the delivery of those needs. The outcome was the Open Energy service and Trust Framework to support both public and private sector outcomes. In other programmes, we have supported other organisations as lead.

Examples of collaborators are listed in the Icebreaker Constellation.