History — milestones

Icebreaker One turns three

Icebreaking in 2021

2021-July: Completion of launch programme for Climate-Ready Financial Products

2021-April: A year of Icebreaking

2020: Review of 185 days’ effort

2020-November: London Climate Action Week — videos

2020-September: 100 days into the journey

2020-June: Project update

2020-April: SERI project initiation

2020-January: Davos, Switzerland

Major announcements

2019-September: Climate Action Summit, New York

2019-July: Industry round table at the House of Lords, London

We co-hosted a cross-industry roundtable at the House of Lords in London: meeting minutes here.

2019-May: Presentation and discussion at UN-DRR, Geneva

Pre-launch timeline & background


An 18-month consultation (2018-2019) with over 250 public & private sector financial organisations and individuals—to understand their needs—revealed:

  1. A need to convene public & private sector actors to help share insights, opportunities and threats
  2. A need to better map investment to impact both in pre-funding analysis and post-execution reporting
  3. A need to demonstrate material, long-term impact that reduces risk and increases returns
  4. A need to stimulate innovation that brings together public & private sector expertise to maximise public good and private returns
  5. A need to reduce friction in data sharing, addressing IP and related legal and security issues

The initiative also draws on learnings from both the Open Banking Standard and the Open Data Institute.