Risk modelling and data sharing practices for energy asset data

Icebreaker One, in partnership with SSEN Transmission, IBM and Palantir, worked on the Ofgem-funded NIMBUS (Network Innovation and Meteorology to BUild for Sustainability) project. By incorporating granular weather data into asset risk modelling methodologies, the aim of NIMBUS was to prolong the life of energy assets and accelerate the transition to net zero.

Alpha phase

Following a three-month discovery phase in 2021, the project progressed into the Alpha phase to establish a proof-of-concept. We conducted an open consultation to gain insights on the data sharing landscape surrounding NIMBUS. The feedback was used to shape a set of recommendations on sector readiness for data sharing and data interoperability for the NIMBUS use case.

Advisory Group

Icebreaker One ran a number of advisory group meetings to convene stakeholders on the NIMBUS project, ensuring the programme met user needs across distribution network and transmission organisations. This helped to secure cross-industry alignment on the approach, including delivering a clear use case, a roadmap of work, definitions of risk, gaps and opportunities, before finally feeding into recommendations for sector readiness for data sharing and data interoperability.

Discovery Phase

During the discovery phase of NIMBUS, Icebreaker One conducted an analysis of sector and user needs for improved asset risk methodologies for the design, maintenance and decision-making of electricity network assets.

Ofgem SIF Discovery project: NIMBUS
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