Well, what a year.   

Starting just after the first UK lockdown kicked in, we are closing out 2020 having secured over £4.3M in our first year of trading.

Working with our partners, we scaled and deployed over half of this across four major projects within 185 working days.

A growing constellation of experts

Our team grew from two … to a constellation of over 140 experts: 80+ industry specialists, 20+ subcontracted, 40+ in our Icecore team (with a 50:50 gender balance at all levels across that team).

Over 1,000 people engaged in-person via live interactive webinars (e.g. at London Climate Action Week) as well as workshops and 1:1 calls to help focus our development on user needs. 

A lot of learning, making and writing

On the 18th December (on schedule) we delivered ~500 pages of reports (over 120,000 words) detailing—for our funders—the vast amount of work undertaken: research, market engagement, designs, tools and services which we will be bringing to market in 2021. We will be translating these into more digestible forms in the coming weeks. 

A spectacular end to the year

At the end of the same day we secured £1M for 2021, winning a major contract (more on this soon) and closing our first unrestricted philanthropic grant award. 

Thank you 

I want to say a huge thank you to all the teams who have worked together, under challenging circumstances. Together, we have delivered joined-up thinking that spans policy, processes, analysis, market design, technology architecture, tools, communications and cross-sector collaboration. 

Finally, I want to thank you, for your ongoing interest, feedback and support.

I look forward to continuing to travelling with you to deliver our Net-Zero Future.

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All the very best to you and yours for 2021, 

Gavin & the Icebreakers