We are ~100 working days into Icebreaker One (since our formal start on April 1, 2020).

We have now closed over £3M in grant funding and corporate membership fees to build out three major programmes

Each programme is working on the Data Infrastructure needed to deliver net-zero, based on understanding the extremely diverse (business, government and social) needs of each community.

Our success is based on collaboration with partners. My call to action for you today is for Project Cygnus: please help us reach city and regional leaders and investors across the public and private sectors.  

We are developing outreach programmes and working groups and would like to connect with potential collaborators: please contact us. 

You can watch our introductory webinar on Cygnus here.

Please feel free to forward this link to anyone you think may be interested. If you are on LinkedIn, please share this; if you are on Twitter, please retweet this.

Best wishes,  
Gavin & the Icebreakers