At Icebreaker One we push ourselves to be more transparent in how we work. We will be experimenting in how we can be transparent about how our programmes are progressing.

As we move into the second phase of our SERI work, and create new work streams, we wanted to ensure all partners were kept up to date. We started doing weekly updates, and wanted to try sharing them with the wider Icebreaker One community

Hey all, 

Welcome to our first weekly SERI update!

As you all know, we’ve been spending August getting prep and planning done, so that we are well placed to collectively achieve our key milestone of developing and testing a climate-ready financial product by November this year. So, with that in mind….

Last week in SERI…

The Policy & Regulatory and Product Innovation leads (Jannah and Frank) have been developing a roadmap for delivering the SERI programme’s objectives  – namely developing climate-ready insurance products, and developing the data standards and shared data infrastructure that is required to support these. 

Building on the work already done in the product innovation workstream, they are also identifying potential areas in which there may be opportunities to maximise impact through innovation in the insurance industry. 

These exciting ideas will be shared in the first week of September – so please keep an eye out for them! There will also be an all-partner event in early Sept to give everyone a chance to ask any questions and test our thinking, before we implement it. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions about this work, please contact Jannah ( 

Coming up… 

The Policy & Regulatory stream will also be drafting a response to the Treasury Committee’s Call for Evidence to support its inquiry into Decarbonisation and Green Finance,due Friday 28th August 2020. Please do let Jannah (  know if there is anything specific you think we should be adding!

Other key milestones & events:

28th Aug (16:30 – 17:00) – Icebreaker One Show & Tell. Lily will be talking about the ‘SERI use case database’, telling us all what this is, and sharing a planned structure and how we can help support the development of this.

4th Sept – Frank and Jannah will be sending out the product road map showing us the path to delivering a climate-ready insurance product by November

8th Sept (10:30-11:30) – All partner meeting, to give you a chance to hear more about the road map, ask questions and share how your summer has been!  We’ll be sending a calendar invite out shortly

2nd Oct – Submission date for UKRI progress report on product and policy workstreams. We will need to highlight what we’ve been testing so far, and where we think the innovation opportunities are.

We also will be holding SERI all-partner meetings on the 5th October, 5th November and 9th December. We anticipate these being 2.5 hrs long, and will be getting them in calendars as soon as we can.

Thanks for getting this far! I’d love your feedback on how this weekly update should evolve. What content is most useful for you? And do we want to include updates from across the SERI consortium, and not just Icebreaker One leads? Please don’t hesitate to let me know!

Until next week, 
Michelle (and the Icebreakers)