Shaping the future of grid connection requests

Icebreaker One, in collaboration with SSEN Transmission, Olsights, MapStand, National Grid Electricity Transmission and SGN, created the Rapid Evaluation Areal Connection Tool (REACT) to provide users the ability to view electricity grid requests in real-time, using an interactive visualisation map.

Alpha Phase

During the Alpha Phase of REACT, Icebreaker One focused on improving data accessibility and interoperability for the project. Our report therefore includes recommendations on how to improve data accessibility and interoperability for the project.

Advisory Group (User Needs)

Icebreaker One gathered an advisory group of stakeholders to collaborate on the REACT programme and ensure that it meets user needs across distribution network and transmission organisations, and external developers.

Catch up on advisory group meetings here:

Discovery Phase

As part of the Discovery phase of this project, Icebreaker One researched and documented the current processes for connection applications, the data required, and the barriers in the process to make recommendations to reduce friction for data sharing and promote innovation.