Carbon reporting solutions for UK SMEs: a landscape review

Icebreaker One’s report, sponsored by the British Business Bank, offers a comprehensive and impartial review of carbon reporting solutions for UK SMEs. 

The report shares insights into market trends, costs, and the challenges SMEs face in carbon reporting. It aims to help businesses navigate carbon reporting and support their transition to net zero. It includes extensive research, covering over 270 carbon reporting solutions as well as in depth results of surveys and interviews of SMEs and solution providers. You can find the full long list of carbon reporting solutions here.

Access our comprehensive report here

The report features:

  • Comprehensive list of solutions on offer: A detailed overview of 270 carbon reporting tools available, segmented into 10 solution types
  • Guidance on choosing the right solution: Advice tailored to the specific needs and scale of a business, helping SMEs navigate through the plethora of options.
  • Key considerations: Insights into what SMEs should look for in a provider, such as cost-effectiveness, ease of use, data accuracy, and scope of emission coverage.
  • Learnings from other businesses: Real-world examples and insights directly from SMEs who have navigated and implemented carbon reporting solutions.
  • Future trends and developments: Analysis on emerging trends in carbon reporting and how they might impact SMEs

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