Energy is at the heart of our Net Zero Future.

Trust in data is essential to investment and use. Our Trust Framework approach helps drive the implementation and adoption of open standards to create assurable data flows between organisations.

This enables verifiable Open Data and pre-authorised Shared Data (including where consent is required).

Programmes that, through Open Energy™, are pioneering the discovery, access and use of energy data include:

  • Open Energy in the UK (unlocking market-wide access, with industry and government)
  • Open Net Zero (enabling data discovery at market scale, with industry)
  • Mission Innovation (Green Powered Future Mission, with multinational stakeholders)
  • Perseus (automating GHG reporting for SMEs, with Bankers for Net Zero)

Why ‘Open Energy’?

  • It opens up the market around energy data
  • It enables open interoperability and cohesion across the energy ecosystem
  • It is an open standard: the standard itself is licensed openly: both words and code
  • It enables assurable Open Data publishing for data that should be public
  • It enables open access to Shared data for private and confidential data
  • It connects open APIs as a shared and common technical implementation
  • It is for the energy sector and those using energy sector data: it addresses energy as a whole category
  • It enables data discovery, access and use, while enabling permission and access control
  • It is assurable and auditable
  • It is, where applicable, compliant with current and emerging regulations
  • It never stores or ‘sees’ any underlying data (it only ‘sees’ metadata and Open Data).

The UK’s Energy Systems Catapult (who authored the Digital Spine report), in collaboration with Ovo Energy, Clean energy retail: The role of energy retailers in the net zero transition states:

The regulator should mandate Open Energy as an industry-wide data sharing mechanism. Open Energy has, via a competition run by government, created a service that enables trusted actors to share data in a consistent way across the energy value chain. Mandating this solution would accelerate its adoption and make consistent an approach, reducing costs and barriers to entry.” (page 20)

About Open Energy

Francis Maude at COP26:

To watch the whole keynote click here section.

Open Energy makes it easy to search, discover, access and securely share energy data. It covers both Open Data and commercially Shared Data where access requires control.

Open Energy services include Search and Access Control, which are co-designed. We bring together domain experts across the ecosystem, including large and small companies, regulated and unregulated actors, and the public sector, into Industry Advisory Groups and a Sector Steering Group to help shape the development services.

Open Energy is part of Icebreaker One’s solutions to enable data sharing across industry, finance and the environment.

The easy way to find, use and securely share energy data​

Open Energy allows you to find and use data. It streamlines data access and secure data sharing, while automating compliance processes. Distribution network operators, startups, researchers, and stakeholders across industry can drive efficiencies and innovation with the Open Energy approach. Open Energy is funded by public and private sector, and operated by Icebreaker One, an independent non-profit making data work harder to deliver net zero. 

Watch and read our summary presentations for foundational, government-funded work