Bibliography (Open Energy)

The Open Energy initiative sits within an ecosystem of energy and cross-sector workstreams shaping the future of data and digitalisation. This page is designed to orient readers to this broader context and to raise awareness of the policy and regulatory developments relevant to Open Energy.

This list is a working document, current as of October 2020, to be updated as the landscape evolves. Is there anything you think we are missing?

BEIS, Ofgem, Innovate UK:


  • Next steps for Smart Data (Sept. 2020): findings from 2019 smart data consultation and next steps, including the launch of a cross-sectoral Smart Data working group.
  • Smart Data: research on consent, liability and authentication (Aug. 2020): three reports produced by external experts considering consent, liability, and authentication in the context of Smart Data.
  • Data Access and Privacy Framework (DAPF) Review (Nov. 2018): DAPF is an instrument working in parallel with GDPR to support enhanced consumer privacy with regards to smart meter data. The framework was established in 2012 and upheld in the 2018 review.
  • Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan (2017): Policy implementation plan setting out 29 actions for government and industry to help remove barriers to smart technologies, enable smart homes and businesses, and make markets work for flexibility. The Oct 2018 progress update is also available online.
  • Implementing Midata in the Domestic Energy Sector (July 2018): Government response to a call for evidence regarding implementation of Midata; a method of electronically transferring customers’ data (with consent), from a supplier to a Third Party Intermediary such as a price comparison website).

Energy Systems Catapult (ESC)

  • Draft of Data Best Practice Guidance (Jan 2020): Early draft of guidance, which constitutes 12 core principles, and providing opportunity for feedback. Ofgem published a corresponding announcement.
  • A Strategy for a Modern Digitalised Energy System (June 2019): Produced by the Energy Data Taskforce, this report outlines five key recommendations required to fulfill ambitions for a modern digitalised energy system.
  • Energy Data Review – Summary Report (Oct 2018): Report outlines the current energy data landscape, key issues and recommendations for improvement.


  • Next steps on our reforms to the Long Term Development Statement (LTDS) and the Key Enablers for DSO programme of work (Aug 2020): This paper sets out Ofgem’s view on the future of distribution service operation in response to increased grid digitalisation, decentralisation and decarbonisation. This includes the transition from DNO to DSO and information of proposed new license conditions related to DNO data.
  • Open letter to network companies: Evaluation of digitalisation strategies (June 2020): Proposes two new license conditions applicable to network companies in the RIIO price controls. The conditions, including annual publishing and review of network digitalisation strategies and compliance with energy data best practice guidelines come into effect in April 2021 (RIIO2) or April 2023 (RIIO ED2).
  • Digitalisation Strategies for Modernising Energy Data (Dec 2019): In September 2019 Ofgem requested all network companies regulated by RIIO price controls to publish their digitalisation strategies. Links to these strategies are published by Ofgem.
  • Ofgem metadata (June 2019): In line with recommendations made in the Energy Data Taskforce report, Ofgem will be updating their metadata standards to align with ISO 15836-1:2017.