Generating global-scale innovation for climate finance

Ten target opportunities for development, based on convening financial markets, the public sector, asset owners and science: 

  1. Build a standards-based marketplace for environmental & financial data that unlocks public and private sector value
  2. Reduce friction in data sharing by addressing both business models, legal and policy challenges (e.g. IP, licensing, security, liability, regulation)
  3. Certification services to improve the reliability, provenance and trust of data publishing (e.g. automated data publishing certification)
  4. Enable data discovery (e.g. search) at web-scale: lay the foundations for the web of environmental data
  5. Develop policy frameworks that highlight climate-specific interventions to insurance, investment services and the broader financial ecosystem
  6. Increase the speed of technology readiness through an impact accelerator (Innovation Constellation) 
  7. Unlock a hybrid public and private ecosystem around accessing data from global sensors, satellites and the internet of things (IoT)
  8. Maximise the market potential of public and private data registries (e.g. geospatial, asset registries)  
  9. Enable the creation of automated analytics systems at-scale to increase the accuracy, reliability, granularity and accessibility of reporting (e.g. assets, organisations, trading schemes)
  10. Develop the foundations of a robust, secure, legal and fit-for-purpose data infrastructure based on an Open Environmental Risk Standard