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Help unlock access to finance that reduces emissions faster by automating sustainability reporting for every SME business in the UK

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IB1 operates a range of programmes across finance, energy, water, transport, agriculture and the built world. It works with the private and public sectors to drive innovation in data sharing and implement data sharing Schemes.

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About us

Icebreaker One is a non-partisan not-for-profit, working to deliver impact in collaboration with our members. Our existing Partners span industry, academia, government, NGOs and financial institutions.

We bring together public, private and academic experts to co-create data-enabled products and services that create impact at scale. Together, we map and understand user needs and data value-chains to deliver efficiencies, reduce risk and unlock innovation. As a neutral, independent catalyst, we help drive change by combining business needs with regulation and policy.

The drive towards net zero is a collective-action problem. Many organisations, across different sectors, and across the world need to work together to find a sustainable way forwards. No single organisation can carry out this work unilaterally.

With our Icebreaking process, we identify the data infrastructure needed to reduce emissions and then unlock this by creating standards-based data marketplaces. Through our work, we aim to influence investment decisions of $3.6 trillion a year.