We help countries, sectors and organisations navigate to a Net Zero Future.

1. Net-zero Covid-19 recovery workshop

A workshop bringing together data, tools and research insights created by Project Cygnus, to enable decision-makers to understand how to apply them to their Covid-19 recovery planning. Contact

Our research has found that green businesses are bouncing back better than their counterparts after Covid-19, navigating your organisation towards net-zero has never been more valuable. Until now, access to many datasets for key recovery decision making have been hard to find or not available. Icebreaker One’s, Project Cygnus has brought together new data, insights and tools to make this easier. This workshop will help you understand the impact of remote working, benchmark your organisation and leverage our data-sets to help you make more informed decisions. The workshop is targeted at Senior level staff and decision makers who are interested in accelerating their organisation’s path to net-zero.

2. Membership

Our approach to developing market-wide solutions is based around Membership. All our programmes are run in collaboration with our members and partners as both contributors, solutions and users.

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