SLA (Core Trust Framework)






CTF online services provide contractual verification services that can be used to check whether an organization has agreed to the Terms & Conditions of the service.

Checks are, for current Open Data use cases, not a time-critical process for verification and Members utilising the service are not restricted from publishing, accessing or using Member’s Open Data if the CTF service is offline at the time of access.

Service provision

The Services shall have performance characteristics as follows:

  • 99.9% availability
  • 24/7 service monitoring
  • Help desk support during UK office hours with:
    1. 1 working day response time for tier 1 critical issues (where there is a complete lack of service or significant degradation of the performance of the Registry; or a bug or defect which causes significant business impact to the Customer; and,, 
    2. 2 working day response time for all other issues.

Service provision for Schemes

Note that this document describes the performance characteristics for the delivery of the CTF. Schemes will, by definition, have their own SLAs that meet the needs of those applications. Such SLAs are co-designed by Members based on their needs.