The Icebreaking process

Join Icebreaker One’s membership programme as a Sector Leader—part of a coalition of industry stakeholders, regulators and decision-makers, to ensure we develop a data marketplace that delivers demonstrable Net Zero

Build a multi-year strategic relationship around your data strategy, using data infrastructure that can unlock materiality, efficiencies, innovation, and help deliver a Net Zero Future. 

Together, we will identify at least four parties who can join under similar terms to ensure the programme is properly funded and is representative of the market.

For programme initiation, we hold an Icebreaking Workshop to identify development candidates. Based on the outputs from this, we run up consecutive Icebreaker Programmes to deliver an operational data marketplace:

  1. Defining market needs
  2. Proof of Concept
  3. Beta
  4. Pilot

More about the process, including the funding model, is illustrated below.

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