The time for theory is over

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The time for theory is over
The time for theory is over (IB1 launch poster 2019)
Poster in our session and around COP26 in Glasgow
First sighting: at the UN DRR Global Platform in Geneva

The background of this image in this poster is ‘Red Ice-White Ice’

Red Ice-White Ice was a series made at night whilst circling around icebergs in a small inflatable boat off the northwest coast of Greenland in sub-zero temperatures. The photographs were made using red or white flash to reflect the temperature changes taking place in this fragile wilderness. Chris was a dear friend and we miss him greatly.

C-type colour photographs on aluminium.
Disko Bay, Greenland.
© Chris Wainwright

Thanks to Lydiat/Wainwright Studios for use of Chris Wainwright’s Red Ice 2008. Disko Bay. Greenland