On 9 November, our founder and CEO, Gavin Starks, shared his thoughts on the power of open data with Richard Foster-Fletcher on Boundless Podcast, as part of the Infinite Leaders Series. He talked about:

  1. how to create a working blueprint for the freer sharing and licensing of data at scale;
  2. how Open Banking principles can be applied to other sectors such as energy;
  3. how investment is responding to the risks related to climate change;
  4. the need to move faster to decarbonise activities; and
  5. adopting the principles of a war economy.

“As a benchmark, we spent two to three times our GDP creating the railways, effectively creating the industrial revolution. The idea that we’re going to somehow re-engineer and de-carbonise everything for some small percentage of our GDP, I think is magical thinking.” Gavin Starks, Founder & CEO, Icebreaker One

Listen to the full episode:

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