Over the past year, our flagship SERI (Standard for Environmental Risk in Insurance) programme has been iterating through dozens of product ideas that could illustrate how better data-sharing could create Net Zero innovation.

Through this process, we have explored many challenges that businesses face when trying to develop a cohesive data strategy. We have also navigated through complex issues to define Climate-Ready in a material way.  

Climate-Ready Building Passport

From many candidates, we’ve now picked one use-case — a Climate-Ready Building Passport — as a way to explore how a data standard could catalyse Net Zero in the insurance sector.

Join our Advisory Group for industry leaders 

We have created Advisory Groups (click for details) combining insurance and built environment experts. ClimateWise, Aon, Brit Insurance, Willis Towers Watson and Arup are already involved.

We now invite you to join or nominate someone who can commit about a day over three months, please register interest here

Over the next three months, our Advisory Groups will:

  1. Inform the development of a specific Climate-Ready Building Passport use-case;
  2. Explore an example scenario and what insurance products may be enabled with a Shared Data infrastructure;
  3. Articulate the data requirements for the use-case;
  4. Inform the development of a clear and detailed data governance framework.

About Icebreaking

Icebreaker One is here to help deliver a Net Zero future. Along the way, we have been publishing our progress (e.g. the market design for shared data) and are working across sectors to help decision-makers mandate Net Zero, to continuously measure progress, and act to adapt incentives in a timely, credible manner.

For more information about this programme please email seri@ib1.org

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