Applications for beta testers of the Open Energy service are now open. Our beta programme will help us ensure that Open Energy meets sector and user needs to create an effective and trusted environment for data sharing. It’ll also give participating organisations an early experience of what’s to come.

Testing period: From mid-May to July
Time commitment: From a few hours upwards (depending on how involved your organisation is)
Type of testing: onboarding to the Open Energy Directory, usability and functionality of Open Energy Search and technical integration
How to apply: Fill in this form
Applications close: 1800 BST 21 May 2021*
*Contact after this date if you are interested in being a tester.

What kinds of organisations are you looking for?

We’re seeking organisations within the energy industry who are:

  1. Data suppliers / providers
  2. Data consumers / users

We are particularly keen to recruit participant organisations who may wish to consume data from multiple sources, process them, and re-publish their results as Open or as Shared data.

Further details of specific Data Provider/Service Provider beta criteria are provided below:

If you are a Data Provider you will need to be in a position to…

  • provide real data, published online either openly or via mTLS-protected endpoints
  • have the appropriate development and devops skills to deploy and maintain mTLS endpoints for our authorisation infrastructure
  • deploy and maintain metadata for consumption by our Search service
  • provide a point of contact for us to work with you

Note: We will provide a reference implementation in Python using the Flask microframework to get started quickly. We may also be able to provide implementation support for other languages or frameworks if there is sufficient demand.

If you are a Service Provider that consumes data you will need to be in a position to…

  • configure and deploy tools or software to retrieve shared data published by data providers — examples that we anticipate being used include Jupyter notebooks or BI tooling
  • use Open Energy Search to discover appropriate data sets for use, and provide feedback on functionality and data sets
  • provide a point of contact for us to work with you

Open Energy Search is web-based, and requires no set-up. For other tools, we can provide a reference client implementation in the form of a Python library, and may also provide implementation support for tools or languages if there is sufficient demand.

What it means to be a beta tester

Beta testing will start in late May and continue until we launch the next stage – public beta in July 2021. The testing time commitment depends on how involved you’d like to be, from a one-off participation in the onboarding and integration process (likely a few hours spread across a few days) through to more involved and regular feedback with our team, to help shape the future service.

How to apply:
Please fill in this form by 1800 BST 21 May 2021.

For more information on what we are building see: