When: 30 June 2021, 10am-11am BST

Where: Archive webinar


  • Gavin Starks, CEO & Founder, Icebreaker One [Chair]
  • Dan Clarke, Head of Innovation, Energy Networks Association (ENA)
  • Simon Evans, Digital Energy Leader, Arup 
  • Helen Crooks, Chief Data Officer, Ofgem 
  • Sara Vaughan FEI, Non-Executive Director, Elexon & Open Energy Membership Advisory Group co-chair, Icebreaker One
  • Andrew Allen, Data Scientist & Energy Research Lead, City Science


This event will demystify the role of data in achieving Net Zero in the UK’s energy system. It will be a practical look at the obstacles standing in the way of Net Zero, and the changes needed to improve access to data for businesses and the public sector. 

We’ll hear from real users of the Open Energy service currently in development, which aims to revolutionise the way energy data is shared in the UK to help deliver the UK’s commitments to the Paris Agreement.

This event is organised as part of London Climate Action Week 2021.