When: 29 September 2021, 10am-11am BST

Where: Archive below

Links and extracts from the online chat



  • Q: Our digital transformation may well rely on granular and  timely-delivered consumption data. Without mandatory provision of HH data from domestic smart meters, can we really transform to meet our ideals? Is a policy change required to make this data available to all that need it to help to profile, forecast, settle and plan?
    • A: From Danae : Great question. We work closely with the Smart Meters team to understand what data can be opened and shared and to whom so that as many actors as possible can access smart meter data while protecting privacy.
  • Q: Useful energy data ecosystem diagram earlier, labelled as UK but set up in Northern Ireland is different considering the Single Electricity Market (SEM). For panel members, is focus orientated towards GB rather than UK wholly? How can NI be part of this movement and not miss out?
  • Q: Is the issue about data sharing partially because sharing is usually seen as all or nothing: you share or you don’t? Could this be addressed by having consistent consent processes where a data owner can say “I’ll share my energy data down to daily granularity with those parties for this particular use”?
    • A: From Gavin Starks : absolutely – Consent management is central to the Open Energy trust framework



This event will demystify the role of data in achieving Net Zero in the UK’s energy system. It will be a practical look at the obstacles standing in the way of Net Zero, and the changes needed to improve access to data for businesses and the public sector. 

We’ll hear from real users of the Open Energy service currently in development, which aims to revolutionise the way energy data is shared in the UK to help deliver the UK’s commitments to the Paris Agreement.