EDVP Data Standards and Glossary Advisory Group met for their second meeting on the 7th of July. The purpose was to assess the requirement levels of metadata attributes in relation to energy data; understand and give feedback on the EDVP approach to identifying energy terms and glossaries; and to understand the mapping of Open Energy metadata to CKAN.

Simon Evans, Arup’s Digital Energy Leader and Lee Wilson, Scottish Power’s Data & Analytics Product Owner led the session on the Data Standards & Glossary Advisory Group, with over 20 attendees from across the sector.


The second EDVP Data Standards and Glossary Advisory Group meeting slides are below:

What did we discuss?

During this session, the Advisory Group considered:

  • The EDVP project has identified 40 metadata attributes for the energy sector in order to explore the minimum requirements for data visibility, and reduce barriers of entry for those using Open Energy. Advisory Group members noted their agreement or disagreement with the requirement level assigned to each attribute and explained their reasoning. The metadata attribute list and member feedback can be found here; we encourage you to add your own thoughts and feedback (open to comment / edit by anyone).
  • To support data discovery and interoperability, there are two ways to express what a dataset is about in the metadata standards EDVP have developed, keywords and standardised URIs.
  • Advisory Group participants discussed the complicated space of the current state of energy glossaries. They touched on the importance of adopting and reusing terms from existing reports and publications in the sector to maximise sector buy-in and of converting those reports & documents into a structured and machine readable format to support interoperability.

Finally, we discussed how Open Energy is mapping metadata to CKAN and the alignment between MEDA and EDVP.