“Of the three building block recommendations [Open Energy] has made the most progress.”

“The Energy Data Taskforce (EDTF) was commissioned by the UK Government, Ofgem and Innovate
UK to develop an integrated data and digital strategy that helps unlock the opportunities of a
modern, decarbonised, and decentralised Energy System for the benefit of consumers. Chaired by
Laura Sandys CBE and implemented by Energy Systems Catapult, the EDTF delivered a strategy for
a ‘Modern, Digitalised Energy System’ centred around a set of key principles.
The EDTF team engaged with over 300 individuals throughout the energy sector and beyond to
understand existing challenges, develop hypothesises and test recommendations. EDTF presented
five key recommendations to achieve a Modern, Digitalised Energy System based around the need
to fill the data gaps and maximise the value of data, providing a strong foundation for the
Digitalisation of the Energy System.”