On Thursday, July 29th, the Energy Data Visualisation Project (EDVP) consortium of Icebreaker One, Arup, and Hippo Digital held the EDVP Energy Data Visualisation Showcase


We had four incredible finalists, who were asked to submit their work to the judging panel ahead of the event. Our judges were:

The judges evaluated each project based upon their ability to: 

  1. Meet user needs; 
  2. Sector and marketwide relevance; 
  3. Repeatability; 
  4. Exemplar of data visualisation and innovation;
  5. Usability and accessibility; and 
  6. Market readiness. 

Finalists were asked to present their work at the showcase, then we announced the winners of the showcase based upon the judges’ scores. 

The EDVP Winners and Finalists

1st Place: Energy Sparks, represented by Dr. Claudia Towner, Energy Sparks

Energy Sparks is a school-specific smart meter visualisation and analysis tool, with automated costs and carbon reduction advice to school management and pupil energy education programmes. There are already over 150 schools using Energy Sparks, and they are looking forward to rolling out to more schools. The judges chose this as first place due to its excellent attention to user needs and potential to scale. We also hope Open Energy can help them access the energy data they need.

2nd Place: ElexonDataPortal, represented by Ayrton Bourn, Future Energy Associates

ElextonDataPortal is an open-source wrapper around the Elexon/BMRS API, providing a user-friendly interface for energy data consumers. The judges thought this project had broad usability, and recommended that going forward they should work on strengthening the API. 

3rd place: Compass, represented by Alice Garnier, Farad.ai

Compass is a one-click surveying tool for renewable energy developers. This tool is to drive the adoption of electric vehicles and renewable energy sites by providing an easy way to survey possible ChargePoint and infrastructure locations. The judges thought Compass’ strength lies in its interactive nature through enabling comparisons. See the demo video here.

Runner-up: CC Displays, represented by Luke Nicholson, CarbonCulture

CC Displays provides energy data visualisation displays to help users understand how energy works, particularly for public buildings. The displays represent complex data from a range of legacy data sources in a format that users find interesting and help them to create accurate mental models. 

Energy Data Visualisations in the UK

The showcase also displayed great examples of visualisation being done across the UK including:

  • ODI Leeds & Northern Power Grid’s Future Energy Scenarios, which has created a regionalised interpretation of future energy scenarios and mapped out potential pathways for reaching net-zero by 2050;
  • Grid Edge, that produces data-driven insights to reduce energy demand with efficiency savings and improved operations control;
  • Local Energy Oxfordshire – LEMAP, a spatial and temporal visualisation of local energy flows to enable decision makers to see where low carbon technologies could be installed and forecast energy demand profiles;
  • Cambridge Climate Emergency Map, which maps out renewable energy projects across Cambridgeshire including solar, wind, and eclectic vehicle charge points. 

Read about some of the other data visualisation projects we researched and loved here.

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