The switch from fossil-fuelled to zero-emission vehicles forms a core part of the UK Government’s Net Zero strategy. The ban on the sale of new ICE cars, combined with lower running costs for EVs and an anticipated drop in upfront prices, means it is expected that there will be an explosion in EVs on the road over the coming years.

But the UK’s EV-charging infrastructure is currently inadequate to support this. The need for access to data to support the rollout of a charging infrastructure to enable a surge in EVs has never been clearer.

Icebreaker One’s Open Energy programme is designed to make it easy to search, access and securely share energy data. Backed by Ofgem and the UK Government, it will bring together data held by thousands of individual organisations and institutions in an open marketplace.

Currently in its Pilot stage, the Open Energy service is being developed based on use cases that are designed to address real-world problems put forward by industry stakeholders. 

Icebreaker One has consulted people across government, regulators, consumer bodies, trade associations and industry to develop a new Open Energy Use Case focused on EVs. It explores the value of better data sharing, and ensures the development of Open Energy is focused on user needs.

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