Icebreaker One has joined Carbon Call, a global initiative to strengthen carbon accounting so it is reliable, interoperable, and up to the task of measuring progress and challenges. 

Icebreaker One joins alongside other participating organisations and signatories including BSR, EDM Council, Greenly, Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, Kainos, Kearney, Minimum, Normative, OS-Climate,, Persefoni, Plan A, SSE, Steelcase, The Climate Registry, and XBRL International. 

The Carbon Call brings together over 60 organisations representing scientific, corporate, philanthropic, and intergovernmental sectors to address gaps in global carbon accounting. Specifically, the Carbon Call focuses on addressing interoperability, which is critical for data accessibility, transparency, and reliability across the entire value chain. 

If you are interested in carbon reporting and ESG data, please get in touch:

This week, Icebreaker One presented its Open Net Zero programme at Carbon Call’s workshop towards a more interoperable GHG accounting system at NYC Climate Week.

Liv Watson, senior advisor and digitisation lead at the Capitals Coalition, and co-chair of the Carbon Call’s expert advisory group, said: “Policy makers and regulatory authorities are increasing the requirements on companies to report GHG emissions. This increases the pressure on companies to accurately track, disclose, and manage their emissions and emissions data. We’re excited for these organisations to contribute to the Carbon Call’s mission of helping corporates close the gap between reported and actual emissions. Strengthening GHG accounting and reporting system is urgently needed to take effective action to slash climate pollution quickly. We cannot make decisions about products, services, or companies based on a GHG report, inventory, or carbon footprint, if we cannot understand or share the data in a meaningful way.”

Gavin Starks, Founder and CEO of Icebreaker One, said: “We’re delighted that Icebreaker One is working with Carbon Call to speed up our progress towards net zero. Access to trusted data and interoperable systems are essential to delivering net zero, and we’re looking forward to working together to make it possible.” 

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