Icebreaker One is excited to announce a collaboration with Stream, to help design and deliver the ‘network of data pipes’ to share datasets in an accessible, secure, and standardised way. 

Stream is funded by the Ofwat Innovation Fund and aims to unlock the potential of water data to benefit customers, society, and the environment. 

It consists of a consortium of 16 water and professional services companies with Northumbrian Water as the lead organisation. It will allow data sharing across the UK water sector leading to improved services, financial and technological innovation, improved environmental factors and reduced greenhouse gas emissions for the sector.

Over the next few months we will be working together with the Stream consortium to establish the onward governance of this ambitious initiative.

As Stream are wrapping up their blueprint phase at the end of 2022, Icebreaker One is working to establish a lasting set of robust governance measures and engagement opportunities ahead of the next proposed phase of Stream. This will ensure continuity for the project between phases, and build toward the goal of ensuring data is shared legally, safely, and securely.

Icebreaker One has been involved with Stream as a data infrastructure partner during the blueprinting phase, following our experience creating Open Net Zero and Open Energy for the UK energy sector.