The Webinar was held at 10:00am, GMT on the 12th January 2023.

About this webinar:
Icebreaker One has partnered with the Data Communications Company (DCC) to run a feasibility assessment of an open, standards-based approach for a Smart Meter Data Repository.

This is part of a Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) project to determine the technical and commercial feasibility of a Smart Meter Energy Data Repository, to quantify the benefits and costs of such a repository, and to simulate how it could work.

Access to energy data – including smart meter data – is vital for a flexible, digitalised, and decentralised energy system. The Energy Digitalisation Taskforce report recognises data as being crucial to the delivery and operation of a net zero energy system, and acknowledges smart meter data as a key dataset is not effectively flowing.
Watch this webinar to hear more about the SODA project and how smart meter data can help us all to achieve net zero.

Kathryn Corrick, Development & Strategy Director, Icebreaker One
Matt James, Head of Strategic Innovation, Smart DCC
Michael Bird, Researcher, Icebreaker One
Gea Mikic, Programme Director, Icebreaker One