This project is funded by network users and consumers under the Strategic Innovation Fund, an Ofgem programme managed in partnership with UKRI.

Working in partnership with SSEN Transmission, Mapstand and Olsights, Icebreaker One (IB1) is launching a project focussed on creating a geographical planning tool that can be used across the industry to provide a dynamic view of all future connection requests.

REACT (Rapid Evaluation Areal Connection Tool) will utilise SSEN Transmission’s power flow modelling data to approximate the grid impact of a connection prior to making an application, and use a spatial planning tool to incorporate the current and future power and gas infrastructure to enable users to identify alternative grid connections.

The discovery phase will focus on a use case around electrolytic hydrogen in the North of Scotland, due to the significant interest received by SSEN Transmission to site this technology on their network. In future phases, REACT will have the capabilities to incorporate other demand and generation technologies, such as carbon capture and storage, battery storage and pumped hydro.

IB1 will be engaging with stakeholders to identify user needs and investigate data availability and data governance of identified key datasets, to determine what may be possible with today’s data. This work will then draw together recommendations for reducing friction to promote future innovation. 

Gavin Starks, Founder and CEO of Icebreaker One, said: “Improving the planning capabilities for green energy sources to be in the grid is a huge step forward on our road to net zero. 

“This is a great example of where access to data can make a difference. Transmission networks need to be able to understand the impacts of new technologies on their network, and be able to know where to connect them for maximum grid resilience. Understanding what, how, when and where the integration of renewable technology is part of ensuring our energy networks are prepared to adapt to climate change and new demand and generation technologies.

As part of our Open Energy programme, we are keen to understand this important use case, and how unlocking access to data across the ecosystem can help drive innovation and efficiencies, de-risk and optimise capital spend.

We’re delighted to be working alongside SSEN Transmission, Mapstand, Olsights and Ofgem’s Strategic Innovation Fund on this project.”

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