Two weeks ago, Bankers for Net Zero and Icebreaker One proudly launched Project Perseus, an ambitious program aimed at automating greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the UK. The launch event garnered significant attention and drew the support of organisations committed to sustainability and the transition to a net-zero economy. Here, we highlight the key insights shared by industry leaders during the event and discuss the next steps in our journey towards a decarbonized future.

Why automate SME emissions reporting?

Elisa Moscolin, EVP Sustainability & Foundation at Sage highlighted the importance of simplifying reporting processes for SMEs, enabling them to actively participate in the transition to a low-carbon economy: “SMEs want to get engaged, they want to get on board, but they find it incredibly difficult. They find the regulatory framework and reporting requirements impossible to navigate.”  As to the potential impact on emissions reduction, Elisa explained that ‘44% of greenhouse gas emissions, non household GHG emissions. The bottom line is, we will not achieve Net Zero without them.’

Now is the time to act – join Perseus

A motto we repeat often is ‘to go far, we must go together’. Nowhere is that more apparent than in a complex multi-stakeholder project like Perseus. With the founding team in place, we are looking to expand our coalition to build a truly whole-of-market solution addressing the needs and interests of all stakeholders.

Remaining on the sidelines increasingly represents a reputational and strategic risk for any business with Net Zero ambitions. With DESNZ on the steering group, ministerial support from the ministers for Energy Security and Net Zero, and the project leads feeding into the new Net Zero Council and Smart Data Council, we are confident that the project’s outputs will influence future policy and regulation. By joining Perseus, organisations can contribute to shaping this future.

During the launch event, Alex Sobel, MP and shadow minister for Nature Recovery and the Domestic Environment, emphasised the need for stakeholders to come together and support Project Perseus. He urged organisations not yet involved to seize the opportunity, stating, “If you’re not an early adopter, you’ll get left behind, and this wave is coming.” 

Louis Taylor, CEO of the British Business Bank, echoed this, stating “You just have to think about the opportunity to be involved in shaping the future.”


As we reflect on the success of the launch event and the shared vision of industry leaders, it is evident that Project Perseus is positioned to become a key piece of national infrastructure underpinning the Net Zero transition. By simplifying reporting for SMEs and fostering collaboration among stakeholders, we are paving the way for a sustainable future. Stay tuned for further updates and join us as we empower SMEs to embark on their net-zero journey. Together, we can make a significant impact and build a resilient, low-carbon economy.

To join the programme, sign up here or contact for more information.