In September, we convened the second Perseus Communications and Engagement meeting, co-chaired by Tide and Icebreaker One. During this meeting, we discussed how each organisation can communicate about Perseus between now and the end of November, and developed a collaborative communications plan about how to communicate Perseus at COP28. Attendees discussed key priorities and chances for communications impact.

It was agreed that:

  • There are three core comms goals:
    • Build a trusted reputation with the project’s key stakeholders and audiences
    • Establish awareness of the value of Perseus
    • Create opportunities for stakeholders to engage with each other and with the constellation – building strong and productive relationships
  • Communications should emphasise that Perseus is a groundbreaking, co-ordinated, pre-competitive process –  it is important is the wide stakeholder reach and getting wide expertise to solve a really difficult problem.

It was noted that:

  • It is great to focus on external stakeholders, but we also will need to get internal people on board
  • There needs to be simple messaging around Perseus, and what if offers
  • We should consider the question regarding the longer term vision for the brand. 

It was discussed that:

  • Advisory Group members have comms superpowers – engaging with their key demographics, and customers with reach into SMEs, enterprise companies, and government

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