In September we reconvened the Open Energy Steering Group meeting. The Steering Group is comprised of a wide range of industry leaders and subject matter experts, representing a cross-section of private and public players with a unique contribution. The Steering Group plays a critical role in Open Energy’s development, providing us with a sector perspective that ensures that Open Energy is designed for and with the energy industry.

We discussed recent news in the energy sector including an update on the Energy Bill; Claire Coutinho’s replacement of Grant Schapps as Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero; 40C heat waves and forest fires around Europe; and the recent press around onshore wind.

The Steering Group heard about Icebreaker One’s launch of their assurance and verification processes. The group discussed the importance of measures to build trust between organisations exchanging data, the role a trust framework can play and the level of protection against litigation. The group also heard an update on the Digital Spine and Virtual Energy System.

Key insights:

  • In September, IB1 is launching assurance and verification processes for organisations and data to enable registration of datasets as compliant with standards.
  • There are the Energy Bill and Data Bill moving through Parliament; Ofgem is pushing forward to broaden the reach of its Data Best Practice Principles; the Smart Data Council has a remit to apply ‘the principles of open banking’ across the economy. IB1 is across most of these conversations.
  • The combined work of the Virtual Energy System, Digital Spine, and Open Energy, are all pointing in the same direction: a trust framework for secure data sharing.

How you can support:

Perseus  — If you are involved in energy and net zero, please join this ambitious national initiative to automate carbon reporting for all SMEs  — To go far, we go together