Get involved to help us shape the future of grid connection requests: express your interest here

Icebreaker One is collaborating with SSEN Transmission, Olsights, MapStand, National Grid Electricity Transmission and SGN to create the Rapid Evaluation Areal Connection Tool (REACT) to provide users the ability to view electricity grid requests in real-time, using an interactive visualisation map.

Icebreaker One is convening an Advisory Group of stakeholders to collaborate on the REACT programme and ensure that it meets user needs across distribution network and transmission organisations, and external developers.

We are now inviting expressions of interest to join the REACT Advisory Group, kicking off in late November.

This Advisory Group will:

  • Advise on the development of the REACT project, and how learnings could be applied in other organisations
  • Test the data sensitivity classes with use case relevant datasets within their own organisations 
  • Establish and advise on best practices for data, including classification and interoperability protocols for the tool
  • Understand how REACT’s development and process can be replicated and applied to other use cases 
  • Make recommendations on readiness for data sharing and next steps for interoperability based on the use case 
  • Make recommendations to the government and the regulator where appropriate

The skills and expertise from participants will include:

  • Understanding market/ecosystem requirements and functional capabilities
  • Articulating the consumer, market, societal and economic/financial benefits
  • Understand and quantify the impact to business

The Advisory Group will typically meet every 6 weeks to input and shape the development of the REACT programme.

For more information, please refer to the scope document

For any additional enquiries about joining the Advisory Group, please get in touch with

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