In October, we convened the second Perseus Technical Infrastructure meeting, co-chaired by Normative and Icebreaker One. During this meeting, we discussed the AG2 Scoping Document and where we are on the roadmap so far. We also discussed energy data format, tariff data format, consent storage and FAPI secure data exchange overview.  The goal of this meeting was to lay the groundwork to be able to finalise and agree technical specifications in the next (November) meeting.

Key meeting insights 

  • It was discussed and noted that there may be different consent levels for accessing half-hourly/monthly data and this could lead to a lag/discrepancy
  • It was noted that where datasets have gaps in data they will be less assurable than those that are more complete
  • It was noted that there would need to be a chain of data provenance in the future
  • The need for ‘virtual metering’ for SMEs whose data doesn’t come directly from a meter was discussed
  • It was noted that there should be further discussion around export meters
  • It was noted that there is an open question to bring to AG1 around overall tariff architecture
  • It was noted that FAPI 2 will be the proposed API security standard and that more information would be shared with the group at a future meeting

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