In October, we convened the forth Perseus User Needs & Impact meeting, co-chaired by Sage and Icebreaker One. During this meeting, we discussed the reiteration of AG1 scope for 2023 and what has been defined so far; the business cases for each user type and an initial scope for verification and assurance.

Meeting summary

  • It was discussed and agreed that Perseus will focus on doing one thing well initially, namely electricity
  • It was noted that in green lending there is continuous monitoring, which allows SMEs to be more involved in the process, which can start to habitualise green action
  • It was noted that tariff data is on the roadmap but that there is no solution yet
  • It was agreed that Perseus has an opportunity to open up innovation and new services and to simplify the process of decarbonisation for SMEs
  • It was noted that financed emissions are significant for banks in their business cases

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