In December, we reconvened the Open Energy Steering Group. The Steering Group comprises a wide range of industry leaders and subject matter experts, representing a cross section of private and public players with a unique contribution. The Steering Group plays a critical role in Open Energy’s development, providing us with a sector perspective that ensures that Open Energy is designed for and with the energy industry.

During December’s meeting, we discussed the Perseus project’s launch at COP28 and emerging governance work. 

The group heard a summary of the Virtual Energy System (VES) programme which aims to create a common data-sharing infrastructure that will help facilitate the transition to net zero. The project’s next steps will focus on completing the prototype collaboration project by mid-January. 

The UK data-sharing strategy for 2024 was discussed, focusing on increasing connection between existing and new initiatives. It was discussed that the data-sharing infrastructure should be positioned within a multifaceted approach which embeds data quality and continuously improves.

Key insights:

  • It was noted that Perseus, which aims to improve lending behaviour based on sharing electricity data, was announced at the UK Pavilion during COP28.
    • The project delivered a 100-page report with support from Steering and Advisory Groups representing 150+ people, over a dozen Trade Associations, over 20 commercial members, and the UK Government.
    • Major achievements included alignment on 30-minute resolution smart meter data, helping to catalyse a code change with RECCo, and presenting a joined-up strategy for implementation.
    • Perseus is an example of Open Energy in implementation and its emerging governance work could help support and illustrate how governance should work more broadly.
  • A summary of the Virtual Energy System (VES) programme was presented. The objective is to create a common data-sharing infrastructure, ultimately to enable an ecosystem of connected digital twins that will help facilitate the transition to net zero.
  • The UK strategy for data sharing was discussed. This included the need for greater connection between existing and new initiatives.
  • The interplay between the expected consultation from Ofgem on governance in relation to the data-sharing infrastructure and the ongoing work was discussed.

How you can support:

  • Perseus  — If you are involved in energy and net zero, please join this ambitious national initiative to automate carbon reporting for all SMEs  — To go far, we go together
  • Email us at to get involved in Open Energy