In March, we brought together Stream’s Advisory Group 2 (Technical) which comprises subject matter experts from 16 water companies and other industry stakeholders. Co-chaired by Icebreaker One and Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water, this group advises and supports the project partners on technical matters as they work on Stream’s Implementation Phase

Since the MVP launch in December 2023, the Stream partners are working towards a key milestone of delivering a functional platform in April 2024.

March’s AG meeting aimed to:

  1. Comment on the go-live criteria to be presented to the Steering Group.
  2. Updating the data standards work and metadata standards and signing off on latest change requests.
  3. Endorse the recommended metadata standard.
  4. Update on Operating Model progress.
  5. Demo on Day 1 Platform.
  6. Presentation of Trust Framework roadmap.

Key Insights

  • An update on the go-live status and criteria was presented, including the minimum requirements for go-live Day 1 and the post-Day 1 criteria, for each workstream.
  • Elysia Moore was introduced as Stream’s product owner and AG1 co-chair.
  • An update on the Data Standards workstream was presented, including governance and process review.
    • Data Standards are now publicly available on the GitHub repository.
    • Any data standards updates will be proposed by the working group to AG2, then presented to the SG for adoption, before being implemented.
    • The ‘working’ branch of the GitHub repository is where updates are being provided and reviewed.
    • It was discussed that other tools e.g. Gitbook can be reviewed and discussed, to increase accessibility.
  • It was agreed that “INSPIRE Metadata Directive” has been chosen as the metadata standard. INSPIRE can be aligned with Dublin Core and used within Gemini 2.3 (UK).
  • An update on the Operating Model was presented, including developing BAU processes and governance.
  • A demo on the Day 1 platform was delivered.
  • The Trust Framework and how to publish assured data in 3 steps (see IB1 webpage) was presented.