Perseus – 2024 plan

The 2024 plan was developed based on the needs defined by the Perseus Constellation in 2023-Q4. If you’ve not already seen it, please watch the 2-minute video summary.

Perseus is being designed by the market, for the market.

A narrated slideshow of the plan is below:

The high-level roadmap for 2024 is to turn those needs into an operational pilot by the end of the year. This will involve substantial detailed design, and private-sector members’ voices must be heard during this phase to ensure it meets their needs, and implementation within a sandbox environment.

Perseus’ design and implementation employs a robust governance process (called Icebreaking) to develop a Scheme.

Advisory and Working Groups


IB1’s costs of operating and implementing Perseus are detailed below. We expect this programme to take 2-3 years to design and develop at this level, after which the annualised costs will reduce to an operating model to enable iteration and ongoing operation of the Scheme.

Total costs will be presented in detail, monitored and reported on by the Delivery Oversight Committee (DOC) and summarised to the Steering Group in accordance with the governance process.

Membership fees to support this have been split on a sliding scale based on organisation type and size.

If you would like to join, please contact or sign up today at