Perseus — Media Pack

Messaging that you can use to talk about Perseus, the project to enable automated emissions reporting for small businesses. Contact with questions or requests. 


2024 plan:

How you can help communicate Perseus

  • Talk about it on panels and at speaking engagements using the talking points & slides 
  • Brief internal and external stakeholders about it 
  • Share content on social media – your organisation’s channels or your personal ones 
  • Share content on corporate or personal email lists and newsletters

Talking points

  1. Perseus enables automated sustainability reporting for every small business in the UK, so that we can reduce emissions faster. We’re making it easy to share accurate, assurable data that sits behind emissions calculations. 
  • Small businesses are responsible for about half of UK business emissions
  1. Perseus creates the rules and processes that make automated reporting possible, making it easier to implement reporting standards. 
  • In turn, these rules will enable a host of other products and services, like emissions calculators, databases and reporting software. It will improve the quality and durability of the data they need and use
  1. For small and medium-sized businesses, this eases the challenge of finding and sharing the reliable data they need to calculate their own emissions and complying with complex reporting requirements. 
  • 69% of SMEs don’t know how to report carbon emissions 
  • That’s why in its first phase, Perseus will automate access to assurable energy data for business customers. They’ll be able to see the emissions from their energy use and share it with their bank, which is more accurate than analysing emissions based on spend
  • We need to make it easy for SMEs, who don’t have the resources, time or budgets to engage in this kind of complexity, and are skeptical of how their data might be used. Perseus addresses automating the process & bringing protections to the use of data. 
  • Electricity is the first step. Other areas (e.g. other fuel types, water, transport, agriculture) will be addressed when (a) the business case is clear and (b) the data plumbing is in place to automate the process.
  • Later, Perseus could also help corporates accurately understand the emissions in their supply chains, help the insurance sector manage climate risks, help asset managers understand their asset risks, and beyond. 
  1. It will unlock more green finance by helping banks accurately understand the emissions of their customers and on their lending books. 
  2. Because these rules will be used across the banking sector, carbon accounting applications and small businesses, a wide range of organisations are working together to create them. 
  • Perseus is a non-profit project that brings together trade associations, regulators, government, standards bodies, small businesses, corporates and banks
  • They are working together on a pre-competitive basis – working side-by-side to solve a shared problem 
  • Perseus has been endorsed by the Minister for Energy Security and Net Zero and is included in the UK’s Green Finance Strategy.