Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)

At Icebreaker One we recognise our responsibility to ensure that how we act and how we work, serves people across all communities.  For any of the Icebreaking that we do, this starts with fairness, equal treatment, respecting differences, and equality of opportunity for all team members.  It encompasses everyone we work with and meet regardless of:

  • Race, ethnicity, nationality, national origin or caste 
  • Sex
  • Age 
  • Gender
  • Pregnancy, maternity and paternity
  • Neurodiversity
  • Disability – including different mental health and physical health requirements
  • Religion or belief
  • Marital/civil partner status
  • Family and Caregiving needs
  • Sexual orientation or gender reassignment
  • Education
  • Trade union membership


Icebreaker one will work to:

  • Provide an environment in which individual differences and the contributions of all are recognised and valued. 
  • Enable all Icebreakers to perform to their best in an inclusive environment, free from discrimination, harassment and victimisation.
  • Ensure compliance with all UK legislation including but not limited to: the Equality Act 2010 and the Human Rights Act and National Minimum Wage Act 1998.
  • Make reasonable adjustments for those with disabilities or special needs.
  • Accommodate, where possible, flexible working and working from home.
  • Ensure unacceptable practices and behaviours are investigated and appropriate action is taken.

Actions:  Icebreaker One will work to ensure:

Becoming an Icebreaker:

  • That all opportunities are widely advertised and requirements are not unnecessarily added to preclude anyone from applying. 
  • Decisions relating to hiring and team employment practices are objective, free from bias and are based solely upon work criteria, individual performance and business need.
  • Fair and equitable levels and rates of pay and access to benefits and support.

Being an Icebreaker:

  • We are open to ideas, suggestions and challenges to help continually improve the way we work to ensure inclusivity.
  • We encourage learning and development and provide access to all.
  • Any concerns or incidents can be raised directly and in confidence to any member of the People team.
  • Everyone is aware that direct or indirect discrimination, victimisation and harassment constitute gross misconduct and actions taken may result in disciplinary action.  Serious complaints could amount to gross misconduct and lead to dismissal without notice.

Taking responsibility :

The CEO and team leaders are responsible for: 

  • The highest levels of accountability to ensure they are leading from the front through creating and maintaining an inclusive culture and ensuring all team members have the opportunity to thrive in a safe, inclusive, diverse and supportive environment.
  • Listening – and if we get something wrong then we say so, we learn and we do better next time.
  • Administering this approach and related policies, ensuring they remain in line with legislation and best practice.
  • Ensuring that everyone knows their diversity and inclusion responsibilities and meets them.

The Team:

All team members are responsible for: 

  • Embedding an inclusive culture and leading by example through their own behaviours and activities.
  • Addressing or seeking help to address any inappropriate behaviour within the team, or directed at the team.
  • Supporting and encouraging the raising of any concerns.
  • Acting with respect and inclusivity towards everyone that they come into contact with when representing Icebreaker One.
  • Challenging unacceptable behaviours and/or reporting this to the people team.