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Help grow the community of people and organisations working on a Net Zero Future

Icebreaker One Supporters are a growing community (‘constellation’) of people and organisations helping make data work harder to get to net zero. They include large enterprises, SME’s, start-ups, non-profits, and individuals.  Signing up as a Supporter means becoming part of this community and working with Icebreaker One to unlock net-zero data.

For Supporters, we operate a ‘pay what you want’ policy. We aim to be as open and inclusive as possible. The more you can afford, the more we can support.

For an individual this might be £4-10/m, for a micro-business this might be £4-50, for a small/medium business this might be £50-400/m, for a large business this might be more. It’s up to you.

IB1 Membership (Alpha)

£40 or more
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For businesses of any size. Join as a member and engage in our Verification & Assurance alpha development programme.

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Icebreaker One Supporters benefit from: 

  • Access to a network of like-minded professionals to connect with
  • Showing that you or your business are part of the movement to unlock net-zero data 
  • Shaping Icebreaker One’s use cases and work on Open Standards
  • Finding new collaborators
  • Having a say in how better data access can help your organisation
  • Exploration, learning, sharing and innovating
  • Identifying and/or developing joint funding proposals that address collective-action challenges
  • Attending in-person and online events
  • The satisfaction of being part of a community that is making data work harder to get to net-zero

Hitting Net Zero will require collaboration across sectors and disciplines—we are exploring how to best connect skills, expertise and best practice to unlock net-zero data. All Icebreakers are engaged and participate in the delivery of our Net Zero Future through their work, domain expertise, facilities and resources. Our areas of net-zero focus include:

  • Finance
  • ESG & environmental reporting
  • Agriculture
  • Built World
  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Water

Alternatively, you can join as a full Member.

If you are interested in a closer relationship as a Strategic Partner, Enterprise Member or Sponsor please talk to us