Join as a Member

Members are organisations who wish to participate in data discovery, sharing and/or usage. By joining, organisations can engage in the development and implementation of common rules that underpin trust. Our members also form a community committed to data-enabled collaboration in pursuit of Net Zero. As a member, your company will:

  • Shape the future web of Net Zero data (across finance, energy, water, transport, agriculture, and the built world)
  • Join forces to identify and address Net Zero challenges
  • Easily index, find and discover decision-critical data
  • Gain market exposure
  • Receive expert sectoral briefings
  • Use, and input into the development of, the IB1 Trust Framework
  • Demonstrate your commitment to Net Zero
  • Drive cultural change in your company
  • Become part of an expert community
  • Join the IB1 Core Trust Framework (additional opt-in required)

As an example, here is a video discussion with Arup about the future of net zero data.

In collaboration with our members, and as part of the Icebreaker One Trust Framework, we are creating verification and assurance services for organisations who wish to share, access, and use data. This will enable pre-authorised access to trusted data, streamlining secure data sharing and accelerating innovation. Tiers for the service include verification and assurance at both organisational and dataset levels.

By being part of a Trust Framework, organisations can verify who they are sharing data with, and assure that they are working aligned with both existing and emerging standards. 

We propose the following membership tiers. At this stage of development, we have left the choice of amount to you.

  1. Startup / micro-business: from £40/m
  2. Small business: from £100/m
  3. Medium business: from £400/m
  4. Enterprise: from £800/m

If you would rather focus on helping to grow our community and reach, receive updates, and help to keep our non-profit running, please join as an individual or organisational Supporter.

Help shape the future

Icebreaker One Members are shaping the future of the web of net-zero data. 

IB1 builds on the principles of Open Banking (which is used by thousands of organisations and millions of people worldwide), and Open Energy (which it has developed with public and private sector funding over the past two years).  Based on extensive feedback from the market, IB1 is now entering its next phase to enable data to be shared in a trusted manner, with common market rules for licensing, security, technical and legal principles, and standards. 

Together we are connecting data across sectors to inform better net-zero decision-making.  Membership offers the opportunity to shape this future. Our growing network helps our Members to identify shared challenges and opportunities and work together towards a Net Zero Future. This network gives access to diverse expertise and people who can help you become more effective in defining and implementing data-sharing use cases.

The drive towards net zero is a collective-action problem. Sharing data is central to this, but enabling low-friction data sharing itself requires many organisations, across different sectors and the world to work together. No single organisation can carry out this work unilaterally.