Modern Slavery Policy Statement

Effective from 2022-04-01

This modern slavery statement is pursuant to Section 54 of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015:

Icebreaker One Ltd​, Company Number 12156788, year-end 31 March.

Our turnover is significantly below the £36M threshold and so this statement is a voluntary compliance with section 54 of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Our Commitment to Using Our Transparency 

With a small team, supply chain and financial resources we are limited in our direct impact. We are, however, dedicated to increasing the transparency of organisations, including ensuring that they publish machine-readable data related to their ESG (environmental, social and governance) performance. Specifically, we are exploring supply-chain transparency in relation to corporate environmental impact measurement and reporting around climate. 

We provide a solution for organisations wishing to create, implement, manage and deliver data to the market in a manner that is material and usable.

As such we leverage our reach into both our supply chain and our customer chain. 

Our Supply Chains

As part of our Modern Slavery Policy we have invited all of our customers, suppliers and potential suppliers to declare their own supply chain transparency on ​​. We monitor their compliance and commitment to supply chain transparency, and communicate with compliant suppliers to replace those who have not engaged.

Our Actions and Our Ethics to Date

  1. Launched market-facing services that enable greater data transparency across the public and private sectors (including government, academia, NGOs and commercial entities).
  2. Communicated our commitment and policy to our teams, customers and suppliers.
  3. Supported organisations and governments in the development of data strategies that area aligned with transparency (e.g. UK National Data Strategy).
  4. Supported other related initiatives in-kind.
  5. Represented our position on our public-facing website  

Our targets

  1. Continue to develop solutions that enable greater transparency, visibility and accountability of organisations in relation to their ESG reporting
  2. Explore further collaboration with

This document is signed for and on behalf of Icebreaker One by Gavin Starks, CEO, Icebreaker One