Water Sector Trust Framework (WSTF)


The WSTF acts as the entry point for organisations who wish to join a data-sharing Scheme in the Water Sector.

It is the basis of managing security, controls and establishing reliability for data sharing between different entities. It establishes protocols for identity verification, assurance, and practices to ensure that all parties can trust the integrity of interactions.

By defining the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of participants, a Trust Framework facilitates safe and efficient digital exchanges, making it foundational for collaborative environments where data needs to be shared securely and seamlessly. It does not store the underlying data.

WSTF Services

Water Sector Trust Framework Services include:

  1. Registry of Assured Organisations: https://registry.ib1.org
  2. Creation, iteration and maintenance of common data infrastructure definitions:
  3. Public catalogue of indexed data: https://opennetzero.org

It comprises basic principles and practices, as well as general legal terms and conditions that remove friction from joining individual Schemes and other Trust Frameworks, and align all members to a common baseline of service provision.

The WSTF enables organizations to commit to publishing assurable Open Data.

WSTF Membership is currently restricted to members of the UK Stream programme. Members must opt-in to the WSTF Terms & Conditions (using this form). If you have any questions or would like assistance, please contact partners@ib1.org.

The Registry lists all organizations registered for IB1 Trust Frameworks. The WSTF is dedicated to the water sector.


Trust Framework Principles

Trust Frameworks are designed to be:

  1. Cohesive: Common rules across markets 
  2. Interoperable: Common processes, frameworks, connections
  3. Legal: Common frameworks for data rights, liability, redress
  4. Controlled: Common, rights-based permission/consent management for access to data
  5. Universal: Open to the whole market