Who we work with — to go far, we go together

We work with businesses, governments and non-profits to make data work harder to deliver net-zero. 

What our partners say about us

Working with Arup to develop a net-zero-enabled data ecosystem

A strategic partnership that combines our expertise in building data-sharing ecosystems with Arup’s experience in sustainability and the built environment. We have collaborated on projects spanning the fields of energy, finance and beyond.

Watch a detailed discussion about Arup’s partnership with Icebreaker One.

Working with Bankers for Net Zero to unlock green finance

Our partnership with B4NZ, Project Perseus, will enable automated sustainability reporting for every small business in the UK, so that we can reduce emissions faster.  Together, we are convening a cross-sector coalition to collaboratively shape the future of emissions reporting, ensuring that a wide range of stakeholder needs are met. The coalition includes Sage, NatWest and HSBC. This will inform investment decisions, enable targeted decarbonisation interventions, reduce reporting burdens and unlock green finance.

“Seldom do governments, policymakers and the private sector align behind a common cause. However, through Perseus, this group has signalled that they all agree on the importance of high-quality, globally comparable sustainability information for the capital markets and for the SMEs in the supply chain.” Heather Buchanan, Chief Executive and Co-founder of Bankers for Net Zero

Learn more about Perseus at http://ib1.org/Perseus

Helping SSEN Transmission usher in a new era of data sharing

By breaking down silos, implementing data governance structures and creating high quality data catalogues, Icebreaker One is helping SSEN Transmission to accelerate their digitalisation journey.  

“SSEN is ushering in a new era of data-sharing by becoming the first energy network provider in the UK to work with Icebreaker One to build a user-friendly platform that will open up its load-modelling data, and enhance the experience for customers and stakeholders. Michael Glass, Data Governance and Information Manager for SSEN Distribution. 

Read more about our work with SSEN Transmission here.

Our principles for collaboration 

  1. Market-wide impact
    Our collaborations must improve the discovery, access and usage of data at market scale. 
  2. Delivering a net zero future
    Partnerships must make a positive impact on net zero. 
  3. Delivering open net zero solutions
    Our impact is to accelerate commercial success while balancing the public good. Icebreaker One solutions are designed to support the whole market. 

Read more here about how we collaborate: https://ib1.org/collaboration