Hippo Digital, Icebreaker One, and Arup are working in a consortium to help deliver the strategic objectives of the Energy Data Visibility Project and the broader Modernising Energy Data programme of work on behalf of BEIS. Our ambition is to make energy data discoverable, searchable and understandable to enable the energy sector to achieve the UK’s net-zero ambitions. To help achieve these objectives, we have already developed an MVP for an Energy Data Search platform and an Open Energy Governance Service.

We are now looking to speak to potential users of Energy Data Search and the Open Energy Governance Service to understand if it meets users’ needs. We are specifically looking to conduct one-to-one interviews with people who use energy data, those who provide energy data, and regulators in order to understand:

1. What you use data for
2. Why you need to do it
3. Where you find/provide data
4. What your main issues around using / providing data are
5. How the Energy Data Search and Open Energy Governance services might meet these needs

Our research team would like to explore your data needs. This will help the team to understand how we can design a service that responds to these needs.

We would like to speak to a broad range of users, such as:
1. Data providers who share data about the energy system
2. Data consumers who use data about the energy system – covering operational, academic, and innovation-centric use of the data
3. Service providers that aggregate or build services using existing energy system data
4. Regulators and policymakers who want to play a role in shaping policy to support open energy data and oversight on data visibility

In addition to this, we would greatly welcome the opportunity to speak to users who use assistive technology to access services on the internet.

These sessions will be scheduled over the coming weeks and we will be flexible in response to your availability. The session will take around 45 minutes and an invitation will be sent to you to join a Google Meet meeting. For further queries, please contact

Sign up here — https://forms.gle/jxocpBJf4VfmDJns6