We are seeking feedback on a range of conditions that could be used to determine access to data in the Open Energy ecosystem. Comments are welcomed from all energy sector organisations, particularly providers of energy data. Feedback will be used to shape the Open Energy Data Access Policy and inform subsequent development of our Data Licensing Policy (to be consulted on shortly). This consultation is open until the end of day 24 May 2021 and can be accessed here.


This consultation focuses on data access. This means determining what conditions Service Providers (parties accessing data) must meet in order to gain access to datasets in different sensitivity classes. 

The consultation builds on previous development of the Open Energy data sensitivity classes policy, which outlines a system of five data classes graded across personal, commercial and security sensitivity profiles. Data Providers will allocate each of their datasets to a sensitivity class prior to sharing them within the Open Energy ecosystem. Data access conditions will then be applied in a manner that is proportionate to the sensitivity profile of each class. We propose to use the data sensitivity classes previously established as a basis for considering access conditions, but not as a complete determinant. Please note that data access (whether you have access to a particular set of data) is different from data licensing (what you can do with those data) – which will be consulted on shortly. 

Our approach must serve the goal of reducing friction in energy data sharing, while also balancing two distinct sets of needs:

  1. Data Providers: to retain control over their data.
  2. Service Providers: to access multiple datasets in a clear and manageable way.

As such, we propose to define a standardised range of access conditions as a mechanism to balance the factors outlined above. This acknowledges the need for more nuance than would be captured under a ‘one size fits all’ approach for each sensitivity class. Instead, our proposal will enable some tailoring within defined parameters.

How can you help?

We are seeking feedback on the proposal through our consultation here. It takes around 30 minutes to respond. The consultation explores questions including: 

  • Are there any access conditions currently missing that you think would be essential for Open Energy to include?
  • What are the top five priority access conditions for Data Providers?
  • How might access conditions impact Service Providers who serve internal versus external data access needs?

The consultation is open until the end of day 24 May 2021 and responses are encouraged from all actors in the energy sector, or who work with energy and related data. Any queries should please be directed to emily.judson@ib1.org

Looking forward to your thoughts!