The UK is investing £100M’s to revolutionise its energy infrastructure, to help us get to Net Zero and adapt to huge changes in energy supply (e.g. renewable energy) and demand (e.g. vehicles).  

Through a competitive process, Icebreaker One (working with Arup and Hippo Digital) has won funding from BEIS to enhance and expand its work on Open Energy.  These programmes will run over the course of June-July 2021.

As part of this, we are running three outreach and engagement programmes with the sector.

Today, we have three calls to action

  1. Tell us about your needs
    Outcome: clear descriptions of the needs of the market and its practitioners
    Sign up here for a short 1:1 interview
  2. Shape national energy data standards and glossary through an Industry Advisory Group
    Outcome: descriptions, and alignment around descriptions, of the specific needs of data standards and glossary.
    Sign up for the Advisory Group via
    (details of all Open Energy Advisory Groups below)
  1. Showcase your innovation — with potential cash awards up to £7k  
    Outcome: engagement to, and exposure of, the best innovation in the UK.
    More information and submit your application here

Please share this post with colleagues and peers you think may be interested. 

Please contact if you have any further questions. 

Advisory Group 3: Data Standards and Glossary

Data Standards and Glossary Advisory Group: Consulting on the EDVP requirements on data standards and glossary. Establishing an awareness of how the Energy Data Search functions, and feeding the outputs back to the MEDA AGs to ensure there is common understanding of the directions of travel. 


  • Understanding data description and architectural requirements 
  • Understanding use cases 
  • Input reports for the EDVP Steering Group and OE AG-2 to provide use-case input for the Energy Data Search development 

Terms of reference: ToR: Open Energy OE-EDVP-AG Advisory Group  Terms of Reference – EVDP Data Standards and Glossary   

As part of the MEDA programme, we have two existing AG’s as below:

Advisory Group 1: Membership

  • Membership contract
  • Key policies; conditions for participation, roles, responsibilities and liabilities
  • Pre-emptive licence
  • Funding model
  • Ongoing governance

Advisory Group 2: Delivery

  • Operational guidelines
  • Data production, flows and usage
  • Authorisation process and audit
  • Ensure that the Governance Platform and Data Search capabilities meet user and sector needs 

The Advisory Groups are directed by the Steering Group who ensure the delivery of MEDA Phase 3 Objectives (modernising data discoverability, access and exchange) and help disseminate work to the MEDA communities.