At COP26, we saw growing recognition of the contribution that improving access to energy data represents to our evolving world. Removing friction from data sharing will have an impact that is felt far beyond the energy ecosystem and will ripple through industry and society at pace.

Opening the OpenUK Open Technology for Sustainability day at COP26 yesterday, Lord Maude of Horsham said:

“Icebreaker One are developing our national data infrastructure. It’s as important as our roads, rail, water and broadband networks.”

Lord Maude of Horsham

Ofgem, BEIS and UKRI pledge support for Open Energy

Another highlight was the announcement of support from Ofgem, BEIS and UKRI as Icebreaker One’s Open Energy service enters pilot stage to prepare for public launch:

“UKRI, BEIS and Ofgem are supportive of energy data sharing solutions and we will work with industry over the coming months to ensure that these solutions can operate within the energy market.”

Ofgem, BEIS and UKRI statement

Read the full statement here.

Mission Innovation launches Joint Roadmap of Global Innovation Priorities

We celebrate the launch of the Mission Innovation Green Powered Future Mission’s Joint Roadmap of Global Innovation Priorities which took place at COP26. Mission Innovation is a global initiative convening international governments, public authorities, corporates, investors and academia to form new public-private innovation alliances – Missions – that catalyse clean energy solutions for all. The Green Powered Future Mission will demonstrate by 2030 that power systems in all geographies and climates can effectively integrate up to 100% variable renewable energy (VRE) in their generation mix while maintaining a cost-efficient, secure, and resilient system. The UK’s Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and Icebreaker One are leading a core pillar of the global Green Powered Future Mission which is ‘Data and Digitalisation for System Integration’: how to accelerate the digitalisation of energy systems through development of interoperable data exchange and effective system integration to unlock the full value of VRE.

The Joint Roadmap of Global Innovation Priorities has been developed by Mission members to achieve the goal. It has identified 17 Research & Innovation (R&I) themes and the top 100 innovation priorities in order that will guide investment and upcoming activity across 2022-2024, as projects are launched to demonstrate a range of innovative solutions that enable up to 100% integration to VRE.

For more information about the Green Powered Future Mission please read our summary here.

Icebreaker One founder helps launch automotive initiative aligned with IB1 principles

IB1 Founder Gavin Starks joined the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) to launch a partnership with the Catena-X Automotive Network, representing 62 automotive industry members as well as the Rocky Mountain Institute, to develop a shared approach to measuring and exchanging Scope 3 carbon emissions information in automotive supply chains.

You can watch the archive of our presentation and read more about this ground-breaking new partnership here.

Icebreaker One’s Green Zone event plays to a packed house

Our COP26 event ‘How can we decarbonise our built environment? Lessons from experiments around the world’ was a huge success. We enjoyed a lively debate with our global panel sharing their lessons from the frontline of decarbonisation innovation, and the role of net zero data in achieving it.

See the archive of our session here.

Icebreaker One wins OpenUK’s Sustainability award

Finally, it was wonderful to be announced as OpenUK’s Sustainability winner in the OpenUK Awards, Second Edition 2021, that recognise UK Leadership in Open Technology.

COP26 has been a fantastic event and we look forward to more openness, collaboration and innovation to come on the back of these important talks.

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