We wish to see the following outcomes:

1. A web of energy data for everyone that unlocks an open market for existing players, innovators and investors to create benefits for industry, consumers and society.

2. Easy access to authenticated and reliable energy data that maximises value and minimises barriers to competition across the energy sector and beyond.

3. Market-wide cohesion and interoperability across the energy and related sectors, supported by open standards and data infrastructure that underpin and enable downstream markets.

4. Material impact to accelerate innovation and decarbonisation, delivered by industry participation, regulatory support and growth of a thriving ecosystem.

We believe this will: 

  • unlock a web of energy data for everyone
  • accelerate the transition to net zero
  • help unlock innovation and finance across energy and connected markets
  • democratise rights to access and use of data
  • enable engagements for discourse and decision-making
  • provide common solutions for interoperable technology
  • take close, collegiate collaboration between industry, Government, regulators and other stakeholders to address societal shared challenges
  • empower businesses and consumers to reduce costs and deliver net zero

For more detail about the definitions of terms, including cohesion and interoperability, see https://ib1.org/the-icebreaker-one-trust-framework/